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  • Can I add the Feedback Icon to my eBay auctions or eBay pages?

  • NO - The aim of this tool is to aid in driving traffic & sales from your own website(s) or newsletter to your eBay listings. Due to eBay's listing policy we do not permit you to include this code in your eBay listings. The Feedback Icon will no longer display on any eBay page nor will our system allow clicks which originate from an eBay page.

  • My Feedback Icon Does Not Display on eBay?

  • As above. Our system will not display the Feedback Icon if you add it to any eBay page.

  • Can I add my Feedback Icon to a site with adult content?

  • No. We do not permit othe use of our Feedback Icon on any adult, illegal or otherwise unsuitable site.

  • Can I include my Feedback Icon in emails?

  • Opt-in lists are fine but we do not tolerate spam in any form - reports of spam may result in your account being closed.

  • Can I include my Feedback Icon on WordPress sites?

  • Yes - you can include the icon on any site that you can add HTML to. Although we don't offer integration support you do not need any technical knowledge to be able to add our icon to your sites. There are many ways to add the supplied code to a WordPress site but for those that are not familiar with doing this we have found the following VIDEO TUTORIAL that shows how to add HTML code to a WordPress site.

  • Where else can I add the Feedback Icon?

  • You can add it anywhere that you can paste HTML - websites, blogs, forums, mailing lists - either your own sites or subject to the T&C's of other sites.

  • Can I change the way the date is formatted?

  • Yes - Currently the default display of the date on the Feedback Icons is DD/MM/YY - however you can change this to MM/DD/YY by visiting your account settings page and changing the relevant display option. You must be logged in to perform this operation - you will not be required to update the existing HTML code.

  • A buyer has just left me feedback and the display hasn't updated - why?

  • Feedback scores are currently calculated & updated once a day - this may be increased in the future.

  • My percentage is slightly out compared to my eBay feedback page - why is this?

  • As above - the feedback scores are updated once a day - this usually accounts for any differences and the score will change once the daily update happens.

  • My Feedback Display hasn't updated in xx days - why?

  • Please ensure that you have copied ALL the code that is given in the Control Panel. Our system cannot update icons when it detects that the code is incomplete.

  • My Feedback Display shows 000 Percent - why?

  • As above. Our system will display the 000 error code automatically on your icon if it continues to detect that the code is incomplete.

  • Do I need to change the code if I change the style/colour of the icon?

  • No. You can change the colour or style as many times as you want to suit your site - the icon will automatically change when refreshed.

  • How does it work?

  • We use eBay's API to provide the feedback details that are then displayed on the Feedback Icon.

  • I have forgotten my password and can't login to the Control Panel - What can I do?

  • You can get a password reminder by CLICKING HERE

  • Who provides this free tool?

  • This tool is provided by AuctionLotwatch a trading name for Online Merchants Ltd an independant company - registered in the UK company no: 3768234.

  • Do you have a Privacy Policy?

  • Yes - you can find our full Privacy Policy by Clicking Here.

  • Do you have any more auction tools?

  • Yes - You can find more free tools by Clicking Here.

    Recently upgraded this free eBay feedback tool now works with the following eBay sites:
    UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Italy | Spain | Ireland | Switzerland | Austria | Germany

    To use this Free Tool you have to be registered at eBay - click your local eBay site to register for FREE.

    We take your privacy seriously - we will never sell, share, lend or otherwise make available your email address. We have been providing free auction tools for over five years and can be assured that the only emails you will receive will be service emails regarding this tool and information on forthcoming free tools.

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